The Reflexive Selfie - Autoethnography in Artist Led Research [2016]

by Chris Dooks

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The Reflexive Selfie: Autoethnography in The Artist-Led Doctorate

Artist-led doctorates are flourishing across academia, challenging traditional thesis forms.

My project involved creating a vinyl record trilogy with a reflective guide/exegesis. It is an idiosyncratic ethnography of the self, rooted in artistic interventions to chronic health problems.
The work was placed in the growing academic field of ‘autoethnography’.

In the lecture, I unpick my doctorate –The Fragmented Filmmaker - Emancipating The Exhausted Artist, in order to investigate why autoethnography is not only a useful tool in constructing a PhD, but also a framework for practical, political and personal development.

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The Reflexive Selfie: Create your own ‘Idioholism’

The ‘engine’ of my doctorate was compacted into an artist’s manifesto. Essentially it aimed to assist any practitioner towards ‘triangulating’ accessible art projects in order to have a more fulfilling existence. It was initially created for me, but I always wanted to expand it to others.

I’d like to try something I’ve not done before in the workshop, that is, have participants attempt to apply principles of my framework to their own lives and share the results.

Using elements of the manifesto, this workshop will trial out some of the more accessible techniques. Bring an open mind and construct the beginnings of your own ‘idio-holistic’ map.


released September 19, 2016

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