Scottish Writers Reading [2009​-​2012]

by Chris Dooks



As part of my professional life, I've built up, by accretion, a collection of recordings and collaborations of Scottish and Scotland-based writers.

I especially enjoy recording and directing writers reading their own content and like to think that my background in broadcast television (and to a smaller extent, radio) has helped a little. Either way, there's a lot of love in these recordings.

Between 2005 and 2010 I was commissioned for portraiture, sound recording and websites for several Scottish writers such as Louise Welsh, Zoe Strachan, Alan Bissett, Chiew Siah Tei, Anneliese Mackintosh, Alison Irvine, Karen Campbell, Eleanor Thom, Dr Willy Maley and many others - but it was the audio work I relished the most. I no longer do the website work for these clients (I had a six year break to pursue a PhD) but I always return to the joy of recording and editing the human voice.

This is a selection of writers and related creatives either speaking for arts events I curated and produced between 2009-17 or in direct collaboration with me. Please see the individual track descriptions for more details.


released May 20, 2017



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