Produced by Chris Dooks [2012]

by Chris Dooks

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Volumes one and two of this album were made between 2007 and 2010

When I set up my large bandcamp archive, I almost forgot that I also produced other artists for various purposes over the years and so these volumes are a tribute to them and the fun I've had recording them.

The producers I tend to like, such as Steve Albini and Rick Rubin have a close, dry and intimate approach in their style and so I've tried to adopt that crispness and honesty in the way these artists have been recorded whether it is in the radio pieces of Eleanor, Alan and Pippa - or in the music of Alasdair or Drew, or the Sitholé brothers, I'm really proud of these recordings. But there's also some times where I've been asked to simply document a live and unpredictable event such as the Mehil EP above with the amazing Reem Kelani, recorded in a large hall in Glasgow's CCA. Whilst these aren't as audiophile-like as the other recordings, I hope I've managed to capture the spirit and intention of the performance.

Here's some links to the artists in this selection (including volume 2):

Alasdair Roberts (
Wound Knee (
Eleanor Thom (
Reem Kelani (
Alan Bissett (
Dr Pippa Goldschmidt (
Ernest and Tawona Sitholé (
Davod Azad (


released January 1, 2012



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