Non​-​Linear Responses of Self​-​Excited Harmoniums [2011]

by Chris Dooks



Non-Linear Responses of Self-Excited Harmoniums is an exclusive companion E.P. to The Eskdalemuir Harmonium by Chris Dooks and Machinefabriek.

Track 1.
Steady States and Transient Oscillations was originally released on UK ambient label Hibernate Recordings’ Postcard Series as ‘Eskdalemuir’ on the Triple Triage E.P. (Chris Dooks). The content of Track 1 is derived from the very first sessions with The Eskdalemuir Harmonium in February 2011.

Track 2.
Aerodynamic Excitation of the Harmonium Reed is derived from a drone of The Eskdalemuir Harmonium with a composite field recording of seagulls and ducks recorded in summer 2011 with my son, Ivor. The locations of the field recordings are a.) outside The Black Bull pub, Ayr and b.) at the end of Scaur O'Doon road, Doonfoot Ayr, Scotland. Both locations are where the two Ayrshire rivers meet the Firth of Clyde or Sound of Arran.

Track 3.
The Motion of Air-Driven Free Reeds is a stripped down version of the track Horse Island also from Hibernate's Triple Triage E.P. Horse Island is a small islet just outside Ardrossan where the Arran ferry passes. This piece is dedicated to that crossing and the islet. Rumour has it that horses from Ireland were temporarily tethered at this islet to avoid import duties on the mainland.

The titles of this digital-exclusive E.P. are derived from academic paper titles concerning harmonium physics.

This digital E.P. is the copyright of Chris Dooks and Komino Records.
It is the partner piece to "The Eskdalemuir Harmonium" vinyl E.P. and digital edition.


It also concludes the two-year study of the site and investigation of The Eskdalemuir Harmonium.

If you would like to hire the Eskdalemuir Harmonium in its beautiful setting please email and at

Thanks for your interest in the project

Chris Dooks
Ayr, Scotland, October 2012


released September 2, 2013

Chris Dooks



all rights reserved