Broken20 Podcast [2011]

by Chris Dooks and Various Artists

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released November 11, 2011


Ayr Biscuits, a mix for Broken20
Chris Dooks

Father of Ivor Jupiter and husband to the writer Eleanor Thom, Chris Dooks is a former television director of documentaries including The South Bank Show as well as being an artist, curator and doctoral researcher at The University of The West of Scotland in Ayr.

In 1999, Dooks became ill with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or M.E. and when Chris fell apart, his films fell apart too. Too ill to make unified films, he now works with a bricolage approach, pan-media.

Since the onset of the illness 13 years ago, he has been funded for numerous artist residencies which often included electronic music projects such as a residency at the prestigious STEIM music centre in Amsterdam and with his "Studio 1824" project, turning an historic building in remote Sutherland into a working record label. He was also signed to Benbecula Records (R.I.P.) and French label Bip-Hop (R.I.P.) as an electronic musician. He has just released an EP on Hibernate Recordings postcard imprint called 'Triple Triage' which also forms part of his academic research on sleep music.

His current direction of enquiry is the efficacy of 'micro art projects' which re-engage sufferers of chronic illnesses with a sense of engagement with life. Autosomatography and autoethnography are research interests of Dooks. Google them if you have the time.

This mix sees Chris trawl through an extensive back catalogue of both electronic music projects as well as installation soundtracks and residency work. The mix was designed to fit on a CD for your listening pleasure and has been lovingly crafted.

Please visit and buy a few of his albums (most are free) so he can treat himself to a massage.

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Ayr Biscuits
Flac / Mp3

1 Anna Maria - What is Sound? [Chris Dooks Live at The Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow] 00:14
2 The Caretaker - The sublime is disappointingly elusive 01:44
3 Chris Morris - Four Lions 00:05
4 Panda Bear - Drone 04:00
5 Pasada and Chris Dooks - The Heart Sutra [For in 2005] 02:36
6 Aidan Moffat and Bill Wells - The Copper Top 05:22
7 Alastair Roberts [produced by Chris Dooks in Ayr 2010] - The Calfless Cow 01:53
8 Chris Dooks Vs Porzellan - Conversation with a Boy [Audio Arts Residency at Ayr Academy 2010] 12:51
9 Chris Dooks - The B730 03:18
10 Gabor and I - The Softer The Sound The Warmer The Heat [For Ricochet, Edinburgh 2004] 01:03
11 Vangelis - Heaven & Hell : Part I (Cosmos I. Space-Time Continuum) 03:35
12 Chris Dooks - The Fox 03:54
13 Daniel Patrick Quinn - The Burryman 06:58
14 Frank Pahl and Klimperei - Papillons 01:18
15 Bjork - Crystalline 05:03
16 Byetone - Plastic Star (Alva Noto remix) 04:54
17 Chris Dooks - Dukkha 03:47
18 Plaid - Thank 04:03
19 Ernest and Tawona Sithole - [Produced by Chris Dooks in Downanhill Park, Glasgow] Elie Street Session Eight 02:52
21 Chris Dooks - Horse Island [Broken20 instrumental exclusive] 06:33
20 Chris Dooks - The Northumberland Buddha [Year of The Artist 2000 Residency NRFTA] 02:55

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I did ever so slightly overcook the loudness in this mix, apologies if this annoyed any audiophiles out there, I was extremely tired as usual. I recommend reading the EXCELLENT chapter "The Band who Clipped Themselves to Death" in the book "Perfecting Sound Forever" - the story of recorded music